School Visits

Illustrator/Author School Visits

My talks are always full of joke-telling, from both me and the kids.  I show a PowerPoint presentation that’s a visual journey from my earliest artwork, up until what I am working on right now.  I also show how a children’s book is created, from idea to manuscript to final art to a completed book.  If a PowerPoint presentation is not possible, then I can give an alternate show and tell.  I also bring books that I’ve worked on, plus some of the original art for everyone to look at.  I leave the last ten minutes or so to answer questions, or listen to jokes anyone might have.  The jokes are usually flying around the room at this point. 

With my wife, children’s book author Kathleen Krull, we have spoken at schools all over the United States.  We’ve also traveled to the countries of Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Hungary, Poland, and South Korea, where we gave our presentations to the students at the international schools in those countries.  All of the students spoke English, and many were from countries all over the world.

My favorite audience is second thru fifth graders (the kindergarten through 1st grade students are just a bit too young for my presentations).  I will do up to three presentations in one day and will travel to just about anywhere, including internationally, to come and speak to your students.

I have also spoken to adult audiences on a number of occasions at colleges, clubs and organizations, conferences and conventions around the country.  My talk is basically the same as for kids, the world of children’s book writing and illustrating, but I can tailor it to your specific needs if that’s what you would like.

For information regarding my fees and travel arrangements (if any) please email me and we can discuss the details.  

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Here are a few pictures from some of the schools I have been to.